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About Us

Our mission at the Houston Neurovascular Center is to provide a place for patients to easily access the information they need so they and family members feel more confident and comfortable in their choice of healthcare providers.

Meet Our Team

Our team at Houston Brain Aneurysm and Neurovascular Center is made up of doctors, physician’s assistants, nurses, and administrators who put your health as our top priority. Our doctors are highly qualified, and our caring staff is here to help you address your neurovascular healthcare needs.

Our Doctors

Dr. Richard Klucznik

MD, Neurointerventional Surgeon

Richard Klucznik, MD, is a Neurointerventional Surgeon and serves as the Director of Interventional Neuroradiology at the Methodist Hospital in Houston, TX. He is a Clinical Associate Professor at the Weill Medical College at Cornell University and an Associate Professor of Clinical Radiology at the Institute for Academic Medicine in Houston Methodist Hospital. He currently serves as President for the Society of Neurointerventional Surgeons (SNIS) and sits on the Board of Directors for the SNIS and the Medical Advisory Board of the Joe Niekro Foundation.

Dr. Orlando Diaz

MD, Neurointerventional Surgeon

Dr. Orlando Diaz currently serves as a Neurointerventional Surgeon offering advanced techniques in diagnosis and treatment of cerebral vascular diseases for Houston Radiology Associated at the The Methodist Hospital in Houston, TX. He is the Program Director for Interventional Neuroradiologist Fellowship Radiology Department and participates in multiple ongoing medical research concerning aneurysm diagnostics and treatment. He serves as the president for the Ibero-American Society of Interventional Neuroradiology (SILAN), and he also teaches multiple ongoing advanced courses to practicing physicians and fellows from around the world.

Our Staff

Lori Barraza

Patient coordinator

Lori Barraza is the patient coordinator for Drs. Klucznik and Diaz. She is the primary contact for the office and is responsible for scheduling appointments and procedures, sharing patient educational information, and orienting patients and their families and caretakers with office protocol related to treatments, procedures, medication, and continuing care requirements.

Lori communicates with hospital administration to monitor outcomes of care and patient recovery and satisfaction. She is fluent in Spanish and can accommodate our Spanish speaking patients.

Cindy Johnson

Office Manager

Cindy Johnson is an office manager and works closely with Lori to help with patient outreach and scheduling. She provides information to patients and coordinates treatment plans with the PAs and physicians.